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Geofencing PPC Ads

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Geofencing PPC Ads

We are one of the best Geofencing PPC companies in the country. We offer a full suite of services to ensure you get the highest ROI possible from your geofencing campaigns.
We are the only Geofencing PPC company that will provide a guaranteed minimum payback for our clients. This means that you won’t have to worry about getting paid for your campaigns when your competitors get all the clicks.
We are the only Geofencing PPC company that will use the latest technology to ensure your campaigns are successful. We will use the latest data collection and analysis tools to show you how to get more conversions.
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Paid Media Geofencing: Getting Closer to Your Customers

Geo-fencing is a marketing technique that lets businesses target customers based on their geographic location. We use Geo-fencing to serve ads to people within a specific radius of our clients. The more specific we can get with the radius, the more effective the ad will be. We can also target people based on their age, gender, language, and other traits.

One of the benefits of the technology’s omnipresence in today’s society is the increased granularity with which marketers can communicate with their audiences. We’re talking about location data, geo-targeting, and geo-filters that marketers can use to reach a specific audience based on their location. 
If you want to target any person within a specific area, geofencing is the best method for you.

Setting Up Mobile Google Geofencing Ads

You can set geofencing for search campaigns, display campaigns, and YouTube campaigns in Google Ads. Select the campaign you’d like to adjust, and open its settings. You’ll then want to break your location down specifically into the following schema: country > state > city > DMA > metro > zip code > radius.
Once this is complete, establish your options within the campaign.

These include:


US and Canada


“Enter Another Location” will allow you to get more specific about your location targeting (i.e. 20-mile radius around your business, 30-mile radius, etc.).

If you’d like to set up a local geofence, you should choose the last option as it allows you to add or exclude additional geographical parameters based on the target audience at hand. You can even narrow it down by kilometers versus miles to further narrow down your target audiences.


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